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"These classes changed my life, I feel free now" R.D.

“Learning how to realign my energy to heal myself enriched my live in incredible ways” M.H.


“I’ve tried many different meditation techniques but this is by far the easiest, most effective and most fun!” Amy Smyth

“Finally I found something that actually works for me to feel calm and safe” R.W.

“I can handle difficult situations with ease” R.G.

“Having more energy then I ever thought I could have” K.B.

“Awareness of how reactionary I was and being able to change that” Amalia

Kismet’s classes are unique! I am learning how to manage my own energy and create powerful energetic boundaries and peaceful techniques that change the quality of my day and expand my ability to create desirable experiences in my life. Plus the setting is hip and cool and modern, so it’s refreshing to be there. Kismet radiates fun, love, and joy! You will be so happy to learn from this magical being. 

Stephanie S. Teacher

Kismet is a treasure like no other... Over the last couple of years I have been blessed to receive her gifts (many indescribable) both in person and remotely. That she teaches her tools.for.the world to use is unique and something she does like a master. Powerfully. Two months ago she performed energy work on me in person and since then it has taken me.this long to express my gratitude for the shifts that took place. The changes we're so profound that only now a couple days after the holiday craze, have I had the time to sit and say WOW! THANK YOU KISMET! YOU ROCKED MY WORLD. *Note: Effects are cumulative and gradual and require active practice and participation from the student! THE WORLD NEEDS MORE KISMETS, SO DIVE IN AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

Web Tysver
Meditation with Kismet has been a transformative experience in my life. I always felt drawn to meditation, somatic practices, and healing and have spent the last 12 years searching and seeking in this area. The tools that Kismet has taught me have become daily practices. Cultivating more neutral space to explore my creativity, my relationships and my career have helped me make more clear and grounded decisions. And more than tools, Kismet has provided me with an experience of healing that many years of therapy and healing work did not. She made me feel like the best version of me is possible and supports me in striving towards that. I am less stressed, more connected to myself and others, and a more well rounded human as a result of engaging with Kismet in meditation and healing practices.
Jami Winkel 

My experience into self discovery with Kismet has been nothing less than magical! Her gift and masterful technique skillfully guided me with much ease into the healing I needed. The transformation is considerable on a physical, emotional and energetic level. I am so ever grateful to have found such an uplifting and dedicated teacher. Who would have thought the journey into self love and empowerment could be this enjoyable? To many more fun and enlightening sessions!

Dassine Hammoudi

I’ve learnt so much from doing the mediation course. I’ve tried many different mediation techniques but Kismetation is by far the easiest, most effective and most fun! I’ve also had some big personal breakthroughs during my one to one sessions. And it is all done with some much love and humour. Can’t recommended enough. It is magic.




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