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Spiritual Anatomy Meditation One

This is the beginning learn to let go of stress and heal yourself.
Learn how to utilize your creativity to create your life.

Welcome to your Internal Landscape


New Class Start Tuesday February 6th

Spiritual Anatomy Meditation Two

This class is built upon the basics of Med 1.
Here, you will learn how to create what you would like for your life, with ease……

Ready to explore———

Healing One

Learn how to heal yourself while healing others.
Discover how to create your own Healing Space and look at the energetic causes of illness….

Find out more….

Healing Two

The adventure continues!
In this Healing class, you will learn and  practice different types of healings.

You will discover how to use your healing guides to repair the aura and the chakras.
You’ll also learn about cellular healings,
as well as how to remove energy cords and……


This is the next step class for the Clairvoyant Program where you can hone in your skills to practicing how to recognize pictures and energies and what to do with them.

Basics of a Spiritual Hello…..

Furthermore having fun with practicing new ways to heal yourself…..

Clairvoyant Program


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be your own Super Hero?

To be empowered feel amazing, enjoy walking through live in a fulfilled way.

And if there are challenges you are still in the driver seat

cause you have a tool box that is Magical within itself

And doing all of this with ease and playfulness and fun.

We are spirit in a Body and we have physical and mental and emotional aspects. There are many different energy channels that run through our bodies which make up our spiritual anatomy.

When our energy is aligned which is the ability to run nourishing and cleansing energy freely through the body it affects our direction in live due to the ease of accessing our own information as well as creating your health.

Womans Intuition

Curious how your own female energy affects you. What is it like? How do you use it? How would you like to use it?

Validating your female intuition and own it and have clarity on how to direct it…

Male Class

Have you ever wondered about how to connect with your male energy and utilize it to empower your journey as spirit in a male body? Start exploring….

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